Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mystery Creatures: Mythical or Real (photos)

Wisdom Quarterly, Time.com, CoasttocoastAM.com

If stories came and went, they could be dismissed as imaginary or distorted eye witness accounts. But because they persist for hundreds and thousands of years, they enter into lore. There are photos (hidden by the mainstream media, which spends more time to ridicule the real while simultaneously exploiting the possible).

Clearly, there are giants. Giant what? There seem to be humanoid hybrid chimeras around the world. Ogres of all kinds -- blue bears in Sri Lanka, lycanthropes in Europe, shapeshifters in India, alien overlords in Sumer, robotic beings, titans in ancient Greece, and ex-girlfriends and boyfriends everywhere -- live on as legend because our standard of proof seems to demand a living specimen with its DNA sequenced, an evolutionary backstory, scientific consensus, all in a tidy museum exhibit. Otherwise, it must be a "myth."

Meanwhile, the woodland devas carry on. And the many alien species, which are not far from the human genetic line, are happy to remain anonymous and pulling the levers. If humans (Homo sapien sapiens) should try to point them out, it's time for the real MIB to pay them a visit, as in The Adjustment Bureau. An amazing Coast to Coast interview on Washington D.C. UFOs on June 27, 2011 attempted to shed light on how we are in mass hypnosis to miss all that is going on particularly in the capital.

UFO expert and editor of Unicus Magazine, Robert M. Stanley, discussed how D.C. continues to be a hotbed for UFO sightings, landings, activity, and the apparent location of an underground facility. Hundreds of people witnessed the numerous 1952 sightings over the Capitol on numerous occasions, and some took photos and movies, which the government has attempted to confiscate, he stated.

  • More recently, report statistics show that this area has the most sightings in the US. So popular was his presentation that it crashed the site. But it will soon be up again with a poll to vote for inviting friendly "contact."
According to his sources, during this sighting two US jets were sent to intercept one of the UFOs over Capitol Hill. They "were either disintegrated or beamed up and never returned."

The National Mall has had a lot of UFO activity, said Stanley, describing an incident that took place at the Millennial celebration on January 1, 2000: Witnesses reportedly saw cylindrical motherships that released smaller triangular craft. The UFOs were said to suddenly disappear when military helicopters swooped in.

Stanley said that he himself has been subject to visitations from unmarked black helicopters hovering over his home, possibly to harass him over his UFO research.

Why Washington? UFOs/ETs have focused on D.C. because it is the seat of power. Furthermore, there appears to be an alien base underneath the city, he argued.

He arrived at this conclusion because of the frequency of the sightings, witnesses that have described craft that hover low to the ground and disappear, and the huge number of tunnels and bases known to exist underground in the area. Alarmingly, Stanley suggested that these alien or interdimensional visitors may actually be controlling key leaders in the government. Source

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