Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Health: Beyond the "Paleo Diet"

“With this book, she [Nora Gedgaudas] moves the diet discussion into the world of evolutionary science.” - Anna Jedrziewski, New Age retailer

"These days, hormones are a hot topic"
In Nora Gedgaudas' book, Primal Body-Primal Mind, she focuses on those specific hormones that are so commonly imbalanced and problematic to the American population, contributing to common and frustrating symptoms such as weight gain, low energy, poor mood, and even premature aging. In clear and simple terms, Nora describes the root of these hormonal problems and outlines specific solutions that are effective and easy to apply. If you suffer from any of these conditions or are concerned with presenting them, this is the book you want to read." - Dr. Janet Lang, author, educator, and Restorative Endocrinology founder More

Nora Gedgaudas: I was raised in a prominent medical family, steeped from the get-go in sciences and obsessed even as a small child with interests in biology (I was reading and absorbing advanced college textbooks on invertebrate zoology at the age of 7). Both my parents were Lithuanian immigrants who had first moved to Munich, Germany, then Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada before finally moving to and settling in St, Paul, Minnesota. My father was a world renowned radiologist (his department at the University of Minnesota hospital was the first in the country to obtain full-body CAT-Scan and MRI due to his influence). More

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