Monday, July 16, 2012

Creating Female Leaders in Nepal (video)

Claire Naylor and Claire Charamnac, (Good Maker)

In 2010, we co-founded Women LEAD, a leadership development organization for young women in Nepal. We were 20 and strongly believed that the lack of female leaders around the world is one of the worst inequalities of the 21st century. 
We empower young women to take leadership positions alongside men in Nepal by providing them with the skills to pursue their vision for change. Women in Nepal face overwhelming challenges: 33% of girls aged 15 to 19 are married, and 60% of women are illiterate.
We build the capacity of female high school students to tackle poverty and discrimination. In 2011, we equipped 200 promising leaders (aged 14 to 19) with academic, career, and leadership skills through our programs.
What can be done?
Young women have the passion and vision to solve the problems plaguing their communities. They simply lack the necessary training, guidance, and resources. Our programs empower young women to be leaders by providing them with leadership training, skills building, mentoring, and a peer-support network. Vote for us

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