Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ke$ha and Britney on The End of the World

Wisdom Quarterly (April 2011)
Ke$ha wrote the lyrics, Britney Spears sings them. Their advice for the end of the world? "Just dance." Translation: Don't pay attention. Add, "Make a lot of good karma," and we agree.

What if the world ends? What if it doesn't? The "world" as we know it is a series of rapidly forming and disintegrating moments. Because we do not pay close enough attention, we do not normally notice the incessant rise and fall of physical and mental phenomena. But together they form the "world." So long as there is life, there is rising and falling. This is not only true on the subatomic level, it is true on the level of history and our lives. It cannot be otherwise in the world of composite things. All things are things, composed of other things. There is only one exception -- nirvana. Liberation from all suffering is no plane (loka), condition (ayatana), heaven (sagga), or immaterial sphere (arupa loka), and yet it is not "nothingness" (akincanyayatanaupaga). What then is there to worry about? Only ignorance. The ultimate truth sets one free, whereas ignorance means bondage, incessant rebirth, and suffering. The only thing between one and the truth is a lack of absorbed-concentration (serenity) and wisdom (liberating-insight). Otherwise, change is the only constant.

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