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Many mysterious creatures in Mexico (video)

Xochitl, CC Liu, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly
Dr. Swift with some of the Acambaro figures
ACAMBARO, Mexico - In 1944 a German man, Waldemar Julsrud, was hiking when he found an ancient figure. Hundreds more figurines were found by laborer Odilon Tinajero, who was sent out to search the area -- eventually 30,000 pieces in all.
Aside from similarities to known Mesoamerican styles, such as that of the Chupicuaro Indians, there were figurines that could not be placed in any culture or time:
Mesozoic-era pterodactyls and other dinosaurs (before particular species, such as Brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex, were publicly displayed in museums and widely known), chimeras, an alien Grey (at Minute 0:42), Sumerians, ancient Egyptians, bearded Caucasians, seahorses, turtles, anteaters, llamas, camels, complex architectural structures, strange social scenes such as a man playing with a giant monkey, women flirting with reptiles [nagas making hybrids], and animals with six arms.
Moreover, many figures had Egyptian, east Indian, or African features. Mesozoic-era creatures were interacting with humans (just as archeologist Michael Cremo asserts). There were giants. Bipedal apes or a six-fingered creature that appears to be a Bigfoot are also depicted. Predictably, The Smithsonian squelched the entire find. More 

Because scientists dissemble, make mistakes, and are often wrong does not mean turning to "infallible" faith is any kind of solution. The Smithsonian and its scientists certainly are not candid about all their finds. The best things are hidden.
What does not fit in with current theory is hidden away and denied -- such as skeletal giants. This does not make the world 6,000 years old or Biblical accounts any more accurate than a biased historical text (in parts). Certainly the world's sacred texts, upon which the Bible is based (Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, etc.), have something important to say that biased "scientists" scoff at or are financially induced to dismiss and discredit.
Better sources than the Christian Bible exist for understanding the world as it actually is -- not as we feel comfortable in imagining it. The Vedas are a priceless source of information. Sumerian tablets, indigenous aboriginal and Indian lore, and other archeological finds are precious. Evolutionary is certainly mistaken, in spite of being empirical and dependable in certain respects; creationism is preposterous in some respects and yet correct in other, as much as it pains intelligent and educated modern people to imagine it.
The professional skeptics are wrong. The professional clergy are misleading. Take from both, leave the rest, keep an open mind, and remember we are responsible for our education, knowledge, and wisdom not others. If these things utterly depended on others, we would be doomed worse than the Kalamas in the Kalama Sutra.
Here are two impossible-but-true things for science buffs and religious fundamentalist to scoff at. "Modern" Homo sapien sapiens existed millions of years ago, and somewhere within this planet dinosaur forms exist now. Looking into Michael Cremo and Admiral Richard Byrd's work is a start.

Humans and dinosaurs co-existed. Begins at Minute 0:42

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