Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Economy: "Inequality for All" (video)

iN the Can; James Rocchi,; Wisdom Quarterly
Prof. Reich and director Kornbluth talk about their Sundance film "Inequality For All"
Prof. Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor, explains what's wrong -- and what's right -- with money and wealth in America and his new documentary.

Most documentary filmmakers struggle and strive to find and film an interviewee with inside skinny, deep knowledge, and first-hand experience with the subject.
In his new documentary, "Inequality For All," director Jacob Kornbluth ("The Best Thief in the World," "Haiku Tunnel") takes a look at the US economy with former Secretary of Labor under President Clinton, Robert Reich, whose work at the highest levels of government goes back to the Ford administration. Warmly funny and self-effacing -- but never fast and loose with the facts -- Reich is a natural on-camera. And Kornbluth's film conveys the issue of the widening spread between the richest and the poorest cleanly and clearly with visual graphs that neither overwhelm nor under-think. MSN spoke with Reich and Kornbluth in Park City. More

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