Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The truth about our Moon (video)

DailyCensored.com, ProjectCensored.org; David Icke (EnigmaTV.com); Wisdom Quarterly

First: the more we demonstrate leadership to destroy false beliefs when presented with clear objective data, the easier we make this path for others to travel.
  • Let's empathize with the cognitive dissonance people may experience.
  • Let's present essential facts to understand our human condition.
  • Let's make time to explore the hidden histories.
  • Let's reject uninformed and unsubstantiated opinions that say something is “impossible.”
  • Let's recognize that some topics are more useful than others to different people.
  • Let's allow this topic to be among our top few to examine.
Remember: We said we wanted TRUTH and promised to follow facts wherever they might lead. Among compelling documentaries/resources, perhaps 35-minutes is a wise investment to find the shocking truth.
“Official” former stories already refuted came from the “highest authorities”:
  • The Sun and stars orbit the Earth.
  • Kings have a divine right from the God of Earth and Moon to rule others.
  • The Earth is only a few thousand years old.
Facts that refute authorities’ “official stories”: Recall that even we called proponents of shocking truths “lunatics” (“Moonies”).
Facts about our Moon refute official stories:
  • A 1969 NASA Moon experiment (here, and with NASA confirmation here) of a surface-shock caused the Moon to “ring like a bell,” consistent with having a hollow core. MIT analysis of the Moon’s gravitational field agrees with this conclusion. NASA data from an unplanned (aborted) 1970 Saturn V launch vehicle replicated this finding.
  • A 1970 Soviet Academy of Sciences publication (encyclopedia summary here) analyzed Moon surface materials and concluded that they are the result of machinery hollowing out the interior designed to shield the interior from radiation, meteor strikes, and heat.
  • The uniform depth of every large meteor-impact crater is consistent with a hardened shell. Nobel Laureate scientist Harold Urey concurred; he could not account for the Moon’s surface chemistry as anything natural.
  • NASA film footage shows massive structures on the Moon that were obviously airbrushed-out to hide, and NASA film footage shows UFOs they confirm as UFOs; both are shown in Icke's 35-minute video.
Helpful resources:
What’s the point of information on the Moon, UFOs, ETs? Free and non-polluting energy, the discovery of the Earth's real history, help in unimaginable ways towards our evolution, and an unpredictable adventure if we can connect with intelligent celestial beings.

Lastly: Res ipsa loquitur ("The facts speak for themselves"). With that said, the only path to revealing the facts humanity needs concerning this topic is for Earth’s law enforcement to:

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