Thursday, January 31, 2013

Remembering the GATE 2012 Experience

Seth Auberon, Gary Sanders, Wisdom Quarterly

Did Buddhism come up at GATE 2? You bet it did. Samsara, the endless cycle of birth and death, gave way to a genius writer's "Storywheel" chart shown below (Wisdom Quarterly).

Last year's appearance of Eckhart Tolle at GATE was an extravaganza of "transformational media" as the Occupy Movement was building and the Mayan world was ending.
Parking in Beverly Hills, sitting in the elegant Saban, rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite, its movers, shakers, talent brokers, and dealmakers, we came to understand degree to which spirituality is on the mind of the entertainment industry.
Hearts shone brightly in the theater (WQ)
And what's on its mind will soon be on the public's mind then, due to hegemony, the world's. So what happens here matters everywhere. It is the way of empire. Los Angeles is a power center in more ways than one. And all of this was the creation of a Buddhist -- Jim Carrey.
We sat as ready as the rest of the world (WQ)
Fortunately, the iconic comedian is an openminded, inclusive Buddhist, like most American Dharma practitioners. After all, Buddhism is not a faith; it is a practice.
So what is GATE for, what does it do, and why? GATE ("Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment") answers all. Moreover, last year there was a live simulcast adding transparency as the whole world watched.

Meet Wisdom Quarterly at this year's event: GATE 3.

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