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Burning to Save Tibet (video)

Wisdom Quarterly; Al Jazeera English; Kayla Vognsen
How does China's 50-year military dismantling of Tibet relate to us? (Music: "Macrotus," Hans Zimmer, Batman Begins). WARNING: Monks' self-immolation dance ends with graphically.
"Self-murder" (suicide) is murder. How many more killings will the world outside or Tibet tolerate? Some prefer a horrific sudden death to life enslaved, degraded, with identity being slowly erased. Help save Tibet as we would save the remnants of Native American culture, the two of which are related. Such is the work of empire. So must our work be to counter it. How many more lives? HELP the US, help Tibet, help the one human race.

Dalai Lama admits Tibet failure
I failed. Let's see what Sangay does.
(AJE, Nov. 2008) The Dalai Lama says he has lost faith in the Chinese government and is giving up efforts to push for greater autonomy for Tibet.
Speaking during a visit to Japan...the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader [God-King] acknowledged that all talks on a settlement between China and Tibetan exiles have failed.
With the situation inside Tibet getting worse, he said it was now up to the Tibetan people to decide how to move forward.
"My trust in the Chinese government has become thinner, thinner, thinner," he said. "Suppression is increasing, and I cannot pretend that everything is okay."
"I have to accept failure. Meantime among Tibetans in recent years, our approach failed to bring positive change inside Tibet. So criticism has also increased."
The Dalai Lama's remarks came as his envoys began a fresh round of talks with Chinese officials in Beijing with little sign of any significant breakthrough in the offing.
The last formal talks between the two sides ended in an impasse in July [2008], with China demanding that the Dalai Lama prove he did not support Tibetan independence or the disruption of the Beijing Olympics. More

Killing in the name of
Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
Map charting Tibetan self-immolations (protest-suicides) in capitalist China
Killing anyone is not what the Buddha taught. And one has to think it's not what Jesus (St. Issa), Mohammed, Krishna, or Moses had in mind -- but certainly followers of these sages have so twisted their faiths as to say this is exactly what the God and its prophets wanted.

As Christian soldiers we obediently pass ammunition and set off on crusades for the emperors; as militant Muslims we engage in the jihad of others rather than conquering ourselves, which is what jihad really means; as Hindus we fight and kill family members because we are taught that this is what Krishna told Arjuna his dharma (duty) was; and along with Moses we follow orders from a maniacal tribal war Lord who authored the Book of Judges and other accounts of Holy War.

Is Buddhism to become the same thing, a "religion" of followers killing to get justice, to get a point a cross, to get mercy from an empire? It's one thing to be murdered or "martyred" for a cause. It's an entirely different thing to lead oneself to slaughter. Killing is a (karmic) crime; killing oneself is a crime. Desperation and nationalism are no kind of excuse.

Yes, one Vietnamese monk set in motion a terrible legacy of self-immolation. Some desperate individual set in  motion the Arab Spring (or so we are told, but no successful uprising would have been possible or allowed without CIA and MIC complicity).

How long can Tibet burn?
Tibet's new political leader in exile speaks out on recent wave of self-immolations.
(AJE, Nov. 2012) At least 60 Tibetans have self-immolated [that is to say, committed protest-suicide] since March 2011. And in this week alone, seven have set themselves on fire to protest repressive policies by the Chinese government. This is happening just as Beijing prepares for a once-a-decade leadership transition in November. What can be done to end [Chinese crimes against humanity and] social unrest in Tibet? We speak to Lobsang Sangay, [the post Dalai Lama] head of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile. More

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