Wednesday, January 30, 2013

History of Money, NDAA, Martial Law (video)

Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly
Niall Ferguson follows the money to tell the human story behind the evolution of finance -- from its origins in ancient Mesopotamia to the latest upheavals on "Planet Finance."
Bread, cash, dosh, dough, loot, lucre, moolah, readies, the wherewithal: Call it what you like, it matters. 

To Christians, love of it is the root of all evil. To generals, it's the basis of war. To revolutionaries, it's the bondage of labor. Niall Ferguson shows that finance is in fact the foundation of human progress and reveals it is the essential backstory behind all history.
Suddenly, the civilization of the Renaissance looks very different: a boom in the market for art and architecture made possible by Italian bankers adopting Arabic mathematics. The rise of the Dutch republic is reinterpreted as the triumph of the world's first modern bond market. The origins of the French Revolution due to a stock market bubble caused by a convicted Scot murderer.
But what about when the biggest and easiest means of supporting high finance turns out to be war?

What is money? What do banks do? What's the difference between a stock and a bond? What does buying insurance or real estate really do? What exactly is a hedge fund?

Visit post-Katrina New Orleans to see the free market deal with catastrophes. Find the origin of the subprime mortgage crisis. Understand why the world's biggest countries, India and China, are going from poverty to wealth in the space of a single generation -- an economic transformation unprecedented in human history.
The central lesson is that sooner or later every bubble bursts -- bearish sellers outnumber bullish buyers, greed flips into fear, and there's nothing the Donkeys or Elephants can think to do about it...except for "fascism," which simply means the marriage of corporations and state power.
No hard feelings, Barry? No, of course not, Bibi.
Never again. That's what we used to say. Never again. Never what?

Never lots of things -- loss of civil liberties, state sanctioned discrimination, legal slavery, sexism, racism, mass incarceration, invasion of privacy, illegal searches and seizures, taxation without representation...

Stop government abuses! (Tyranny of Defense, Inc.)
How about imprisonment without due process?  Now there's something we can all get behind!

Well, not us but our representative in the Senate and Congress. The NDAA and Senate Bill 1867 are "building blocks" for martial law will never come. Dicks Cheney and Bush are no longer in office. But someone's cousin is.

Living in “interesting times” with a president no one would vote for if our one-party system hadn't pre-selected and promoted him. What choice did anyone have, Worse or Worser? 
What is on the horizon, what does the Oracle say, what would have been even if the overtly right-wing candidate had triumphed?

Jew vs. Palestinian: The Cooking Contest!
Next up, a police state, secret courts (or no courts at all), unrestricted spying for full-spectrum dominance throughout the homeland. The 9/11 event changed everything. And just as planned, the Patriotic Act, CIA spying on America, an entire department of homeland spying (uh, that's security if you don't mind). 

Forget “What could happen?” We must be in denial of what is happening? Go back to sleep, America. Everything's okay. The military-industrial complex -- parents and relatives working for corporations and the war makers -- will keep us “safe.” Sleep, wake, history will be made either way. Why? It is because what is happening now was planned in advance, thought through by Trilateral Commission members, CIA bureaucrats, NSA and NSC heads, and Wall Street movers and shakers.
“War is Peace;
Freedom is Slavery;
and Ignorance is Strength.” -Source

The goal of the agenda? We must lose what we have in order to preserve it. Spying is necessary to protect privacy. War is necessary to preserve peace (and make a little money side, just wetting our beak a bit). Our elder brother perhaps put it best: War is peace...

Kiriakou-guestFormer CIA agent John Kiriakou speaks out just days after he was sentenced to 30 months in prison, becoming the first CIA official to face jail time for any reason relating to U.S. torture...
John_brennan-cia Days after he was sentenced to 30 months in prison, John Kiriakou -- the first CIA official to be jailed for any reason relating to the torture program -- denounces [the military-industrial complex's selection and] President Obama’s choice...

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