Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 25 CENSORED stories of the year

ProjectCensored.org; Wisdom Quarterly
Project Censored 2013 is now available
Project Censored director Mickey Huff was recently interviewed for "Inside Story."  He discussed the ongoing problems of censorship and under-reporting in the US. Moreover, he highlighted some of 2012's most significant stories -- like the emerging police state, Fukushima, Occupy -- published in Censored 2013: Dispatches From the Media Revolution.

Censored 2013 focuses on the importance of independent journalism for democratic self-government. And it holds to account the corporate-owned ("mainstream") media for their failure to provide responsible and relevant news coverage.
The book has additional chapters of original analysis covering drones and targeted killing, “GuatánamoSpeak,” the democracy movement in Kashmir, corporate education “reform,” Iraq... 

Top 25 Censored Stories
1. Signs of an emerging Police State
2. Oceans in peril
3. Fukushima Nuclear disaster worse than anticipated
4. FBI agents responsible for majority of terrorist plots in US
5. First Federal Reserve audit reveals trillions loaned to banks
6. Small network of corporations run global economy
7. 2012: The International Year of Cooperatives
8. NATO War Crimes in Libya
9. Prison slavery in today’s USA
10. HR 347 would make many forms of non-violent protest illegal
11. Members of Congress grow wealthier despite recession
12. US joins forces with al-Qaeda in Syria
13. Education “reform” a Trojan Horse for privatization
14. Who are the Top 1 Percent and how do they earn a living?
15. Dangers of everyday technology
16. Sexual violence against soldiers on rise, under wraps
17. Students crushed by One Trillion dollars in student loans
18. Palestinian women prisoners shackled during childbirth
19. NY police PLANT drugs on innocents to meet arrest quotas
20. Stealing from public ed. to feed prison-industrial complex
21. Conservatives attack Post Office to break Union and privatize
22. Wachovia Bank laundered money for Latin drug cartels
23. US covers up [another] Afghan massacre
24. Alabama farmers look to replace migrants with prisoners
25. Evidence points to Guantánamo dry boarding

(Marc Pilisuk) The unjust foundations favoring the 1% over the 99% are everywhere. The Occupy Movement has found many targets among the corporate elite. The financial and extraction sectors have been clearly located (Phillips and Soeiro, 2012).  But one hard to find target is the behind-the-scenes force propelling us toward nuclear war...

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