Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bigger, badder NDAA 2014 passed by gov't

It doesn't keep me up at night; my family's fine.
A bigger, badder NDAA 2014 quietly passed the House and Senate, and it is on the way to Obama’s desk.
While everyone is distracted with the holiday festivities, Congress has been hard at work [selling out the citizenry] in the name of national "security." [Dec. 20, 2013], the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act was fast-tracked through the Senate, with no time for discussion or amendments. As it’s Christmastime and the end of the week, our representatives brought it up and passed it quietly so as to quickly recess for the holidays -- and, no doubt, to avoid protests from the public. The new version of the NDAA had already been quietly passed by the House of Representatives.
It authorizes massive spending, including $527 billion in basic defense spending for the current fiscal year (not including black operations not reported on the regular books), funding for the US/JSOC war on Afghanistan, and funding for nuclear weapons programs.

Under what authority? The new NDAA gives us all the authority we could want.
The indefinite detention allowed by the original NDAA is still here, and it’s actually worse now: There are new provisions that will make it easier for the government to target those who disagree, dissent, or demonstrate.
CIA's Susan Lindauer
Section 1071 outlines the creation of the “Conflict Records Research Center,” where the unconstitutionally obtained information the NSA has collected is compiled and shared with the Department of [War]. That information, called “captured records,” can be anything from our phone records, emails, browsing history, or posts on social media sites. The New American reports in detail on the expansion of powers: More

(RN) CIA asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle (RevolutionNews.US)

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