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The Science of LUST (video)

Dhr. Seven, Amber Larson, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Ven. Nyanatiloka Thera, Buddhist Dictionary: Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines
(Discovery/Extraordinary People) "The Science of Lust" full documentary. [NOTE: Remove annoying annotations from screen using "gear" icon.]

CRAVING (tanhā, literally "thirst") is the proximate root of disappointment (unsatisfactoriness, woe) and of the ever-continuing Cycle of Rebirths.
"What is the cause of disappointment? It is that craving which gives rise to ever-fresh rebirth and, bound up with pleasure and lust, now over here then over there, finds ever fresh delight. It takes three forms:
  • sensual craving,
  • the craving for existence,
  • the craving for non-existence" (DN 22).
It is the eighth link in the formula of Dependent Origination. Corresponding to the six kinds of sense-objects, there are six kinds of craving: craving for sights, sounds, fragrances, flavors, bodily impressions, and mental impressions (MN 9, DN 15).
Chanda (zeal) can be "good desire"
Corresponding to the three spheres of existence, there are three kinds of craving -- for sensual existence, for fine-material existence, for immaterial existence (DN 33).
There are 18 "thought-channels of craving" (tanhā-vicarita) induced internally and 18 induced externally. Because they are counted as occurring in the past, present, and future, they total 108. (See AN IV, 199, Vibh., Ch. 17, Khuddakavatthu-Vibhanga).

According to causal links of Dependent Origination, craving is conditioned by sensation. Of craving for existence it is said: "No first beginning of the craving for existence can be perceived, O meditators, before which it was not and after which it came to be. But it can he perceived that craving for existence has its specific condition. I say, O meditators, that craving for existence also has a condition that feeds it and is not without it. And what is it? 'Ignorance' one has to reply" (AN X.62).

Oh my Gratitude, I love the smell of Nature!
Ignorance (delusion) and craving for existence (becoming) and are called "the outstanding causes that lead to happy and unhappy destinies (courses of existence)." (See Vis.M. XVII, 36-42).
The most frequent synonyms of craving are lust (rāga) and greed (lobha), one of the three roots of unwholesome karma.

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