Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Buy-Nothing Xmas, Holiday Comedy (video)

Seth Auberon, CC Liu, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly; Adbusters.org; Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert (Comedy Central News), Megyn Kelly, Bill O'Reilly (FOX Comedy)
Shaman Santa says, "This year, rise above the vulture-capitalist debt fest" (adbusters.org).
Colbert Report: Santa Claus Ethnicity Debate
In the Liberal "War on Christmas" replacing the traditional exclusive "Merry Christmas" with the inclusive "Happy Holidays" greeting, sides go head to head: FOX vs. CC (The Daily Show)
Budai on Bodhi Day
Going to participate once again in the Doomsday Consumer Fest that Christmas has become or try do things differently this year?
Buy-Nothing Xmas is the surest way to leave a zero-footprint on the planet. But truth is, not everyone is ready to go cold Tofurky regarding branded gift giving. 

Nevertheless, each of us can still make a radical move by upholding this single vow. Repeat the following out loud in front of a witness:

Mama, can I get a "Plus Size Barbie" this year? I cleaned my plate (HuffPost)
“I shall not visit a single mall or box store this Christmas. I hereby swear off Amazon (with its links to the CIA) and all of the other online mega stores! I pledge to go indie-local or bust!”
Festivus for the rest of us? FOX says no!
Avoiding the nerve centers of vulture-corporate-capitalism. Go local and indie with every gift bought. This magically changes moods and injects authentic spirit into gift-hunting.
And while in a tone-shifting mood, why not slip a paper bill into the hands of the next homeless person encountered? Or to a favorite NGO. Or to a meditation center. Or donate time... More
Dharma Punx Xmas Eve: Hollywood (againstthestream.org)

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