Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dr. Moody: Everyone will believe in rebirth

Everyone's "island" is different. So be an island (dipa) unto yourself! (SN 22:43)
Near death experience (NDE) researcher Dr. Moody, M.D. has been studying and documenting the reality of rebirth, post mortem consciousness, and the existence of other dimensions. On Jan. 17-18, 2014 he is conducting a seminar and claimed on Coast to Coast that he will reveal a bombshell breakthrough in the scientific study of future and past lives. 

Neverland, Nonsense, Afterlife, Living Wisely
The story of Peter Pan has long been described as a metaphor for childhood and immortality.

Dr. Moody's new and groundbreaking work Nonsense (following Life After Life) shows that Peter Pan's story may also be a metaphor for understanding how nonsense can be a key to creating new language and thinking regarding the afterlife.

Understanding the afterlife offers us wisdom for living now. J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan, shared that Neverlands are found in the minds of children. Although they always seem to be more or less an island resembling one another, they are not the same from one child to the next.

For example, John Darling “had a lagoon with flamingos flying over it,” while his little brother Michael “had a flamingo with lagoons flying over it.”  Like Dr. Moody describes in his research on Near Death Experiences... More
The Power of Nonsense
Beauty and the bullet, Mona mad for the MIC?
"Nonsense wakes up the brain cells," according to Dr. Seuss. Science has brought humanity a long way during the last 400 years. We have cured [or at least developed profitable "treatments" for] innumerable diseases, mastered human flight, split the atom, and sent humans to the moon. So why do so many of our deepest mysteries remain beyond the reach of reason?

I have discovered a hidden collective cognitive flaw that impairs our ability to think cogently about some very fundamental problems of science, philosophy, and religion.

I am a psychiatrist and professor of philosophy and logic. During my almost 50-year career, I have examined a glitch that is practically built into the way we think. When Aristotle codified logic [for the Western world, having borrowed so much from India] 2,300 years ago, he left a gap, an area of incompleteness that compromises our ability to think rationally about important questions that do not fit easily into the literal frame of... More 

So how does one get to Neverland? Walt Disney popularized the directions to Neverland by giving the nonsensical directions, “Second star to right, straight on til morning.”  In the novel, however, Barrie said the directions were “second to right, straight on til morning.”

This is a great metaphor both for both entering the dream world and dying. One second to the right is the difference between being awake (alive) and being on our way in flight in dreams (death) until we wake up in the morning (make our passage to the new afterlife realm).
Prof. Moody is a medical doctor and author
The program will guide participants through a process that awakens an important but forgotten power of the mind. The purpose is to enhance critical, analytical, and creative thinking in a rapid, observable way with three main objectives:
  1. Increase critical thinking skills. Democracy depends on citizens' ability to think and debate logically. So this program teaches participants how to think more logically with entertaining exercises that enhance critical thinking skills.
  2. Open new possibilities for advances in numerous fields including science, psychology, and advertising. There are direct applications in many fields, widening the scope of the mind in a way that is useful in any profession.
  3. To enable us to study mystical states of consciousness including near-death experiences in an entirely new way. A study is in progress using the information in this program to understand the language of dying patients in more depth, which will help improve our care of the terminally ill. More

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