Thursday, December 12, 2013

No Snowden, Miley Cyrus for Man of the Year

Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
Will twerk for money: Miley Cyrus almost became TIME's person of the year (Perez Hilton)
The real "man of the year" was beat out by a prominent religious figure aspiring to talk to animals and institutionally protect child molesters.

Snowden reveals Big NSA Brother's 1984 plans
While NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is busy trying to save the world -- working in forced exile in Russia as he discloses evidence that the USA/NSA is illegally spying on American citizens, allied nations, and almost everyone carrying a cell phone anywhere in the world. TIME's person of the year is an annual distinction asking, Who has made the greatest impact on the world, for good or ill, in the preceding year. 

Go wait in my room, my son. chose the new Catholic pope and future "saint" Frances I. The pontiff has failed to help women in the church or in society at large as hoped, but he has criticized rampant capitalism in theory. "The church should not sell any church property for money but rather do so for the benefit of the poor" he said. The Vatican, however, has not done so nor has any other diocese anywhere in the world. The laity may have to listen to the head of the corporation; bishops, priests, and nuns do not. No one in a position to has sold off property to benefit the poor as Pope Frances preaches.

Miley twerk-teases Santa in LA (VYBZ)
Miley Cyrus -- on a rampage of self-degradation, twerking, and "horse tooth" shenanigans, according to "Family Guy" voice actor and KROQ DJ Ralph Garman -- almost got her handlers to secure her the "Man of the Year" distinction. The Catholic God (Zeus)/Goddess (Mary) must have interceded. She appeared last week at KISS FM's Jingle Ball in LA, where she twerked on stage with drunk Santa. 

Miley Cyrus sports ugly bob in LA (KROQ)
The next night, she made it over to KROQ FM's Almost Acoustic Xmas concert in Los Angeles, where she walked around with an overbearing sense of entitlement and a wagging tongue that made her resemble an attention-hungry llama.

Llama tongues are way sexy (GLV)
Miley copied me! (UO)
Snow at the Jewish wailing wall (PRI)

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