Friday, March 4, 2016

Comedy: Latino "rant" on cultures (video)

Joanna Hausmann (Race/, 3-5-16); Crystal Quintero, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly
Venezuelan white Latina comedienne makes funny videos for Univision's "The Flama," which focuses on Latino culture (Derek Gabryzack and Diana Molina/Courtesy of Joanna Hausmann).

Latinos in the U.S. are "just put all in one group" [when we're not all Mexicans], says Joanna Hausmann, who is using big time comedy videos to show that all Latinas and Latinos are actually all different even when the dominant U.S. culture lumps them all together.

Comedian "rants" on different Latino cultures
The media portrayal of Latinos and Hispanic culture has come a long way. But the producers of comedy videos at the website "The Flama" [flame] still see room for improvement.
The Flama is a website from Univision and Bedrocket Media "created by, for, and starring young Latinos."

The site features a slew of comedy videos with people talking about things like Latino culture, food, or something off the wall like what presidential candidates would look like as characters in "The Hunger Games."
Joanna Hausmann is a Venezuelan comedian, writer, and a full-time video creator for the site. One of her roles there is hosting a recurring video series called Joanna Rants, which covers everything from types of Spanish accents to political correctness. More + AUDIO

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