Monday, March 28, 2016

John Lear: ETs among us, cosmology (video)

WARNING: Lear reveals things that are impossible/unacceptable: We can't handle the truth (because we've been lied to so much for so long). But see Minute 46, or ask Stewart Swerdlow.

Whistleblower John Lear tells all.
John Lear discusses the inside story of our intimate relationship with many types of "aliens," Area 51, infamous whistleblower scientist Bob Lazar, Mars civilization, and other ufology-related topics.

Lear shares astonishing details of the time he trespassed into Area 51 and, more importantly, brought an insider out to spill the beans. He provides further insights into the startling revelations he made in his 1987 statement on the alien presence and various government cover-ups.
Rebirth is real, and there are 40+ inhabited planets and moons in our solar system.
According to Lear, there are many species of aliens from space held at Area 51, and our government has made a deal with them, agreeing to ignore child and adult abductions, cattle mutilations, and other intervening in earthling affairs in exchange for advanced technology.

Lear claims that more than 1 in 10 Americans have been abducted for alien analysis and tracking. Furthermore, although it is unbelievable, there are at times 1 billion ETs among us on this planet.
(TopSecretFileTV) Who in the world is Lear Jet scion "John Lear"? Secret Space Program and Missions to the Moon and Mars with John Lear on Coast to Coast with dim George Noory.
You're blowing my mind; I gotta make a film!*
He talks about his relationship with Bob Lazar, who he said was a skeptic at the time of their first meeting. Lear answered critics who believe he and Lazar were working together as disinformation agents for the government. Lear also entertained the idea that he may have been played by Area 51 officials through Lazar to release information.

Also kept from the public is the fact that there is life similar to ours on most of the planets in our solar system, but there are 40 planets with moons, all inhabited, not nine or ten. For instance, Mars has a population of 660 million (mostly underground due to its degraded environment).

(* John Lear doc: What's the truth about "aliens" on Earth? Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell explains how "one by one" the fantastic/unacceptable things Lear says are true. Sean Stone (Oliver Stone's son) hosts this Buzzsaw interview.

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