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Trump: "Last Week Tonight" (comedy video)

Brent Johnson (nj.com, 2-29-16); John Oliver; Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly

Who is Donald Drumpf (Americanized to Trump)?
Brent Johnson | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com
John Oliver ripped into Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump for 22 minutes on his HBO show Sunday night -- even launching a new campaign, "Make Donald Drumpf Again," to derail his bid for the White House.
Oliver, the host of "Last Week Tonight," called Trump, a former Atlantic City casino tycoon, everything from a "litigious serial liar" to a "bullsh*t artist" to a "baby with evil, smaller fingers."
"Donald Trump is America's back mole," Oliver said. "It may have seemed harmless a year ago, but now that it's gotten frighteningly bigger, it's gotten hard to ignore it."

Trump mocked in 'Producer's' parody
Mocked in "Producer's": a hilarious 5-minute parody has Bialystock and Bloom teaming up as political hacks to run the presidential candidacy of a sure-fire dud named Trump.
World considers Trump presidency, shudders
The British comedian -- a former "Daily Show" anchor who has become a leading voice in American political comedy over the last year -- aired the segment two days before Super Tuesday, when 12 states hold their nominating contests in the presidential race. 
Trump is expected to win many of the states, and Oliver noted that every candidate who has done so since 1988 has won their party's nomination. 
Donald Trump John Oliver
Funny John Oliver criticizes Donald Trump.
That, Oliver said, is why he finally teed off on the real estate mogul Sunday. Oliver stressed a lot of the arguments that Trump's detractors have made: that his has few clear policy platforms, that he is a bully and a racist.
He also criticized Trump's Twitter feed, how he puts his name on everything he sells, and that not everything he's s old has been great -- that is, Trump University, Trump Steaks, and so on.

And then there's Donald Drumpf.
"...and you're fired!" (jensorensen.com)
At the end of the segment, Oliver noted that one Trump biographer wrote how the businessman's family name was once "Drumpf" before it was changed.

With that in mind, Oliver launched the #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain campaign, complete with a website and red hats similar to the ones Trump and his supporters wear. 

"We cannot keep being blinded by the magic of his name," Oliver said. 

"Mr. Drumpf, I await your lawsuit in the morning," the comedian added. More

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