Monday, March 28, 2016

Bernie wins! Why Hillary loses (video)

Seth Auberon, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly;;


VIDEO: Bernie Sanders wins Landslides in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii; Corporate Mainstream Media downplays those wins
On Saturday, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won landslide victories in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii, chipping away at corrupt front-runner Hillary Clinton’s lead in the race to win the Democratic Party’s nomination for the White House. Senator Sanders won at least 71 percent of the vote in each state, including 82 percent in Alaska.

"The reason we are doing well is because we are talking about the real issues facing America and we’re telling the truth," said Sanders in a victory speech in Wisconsin. While Saturday may have been the biggest day of the Sanders campaign, the corporate media largely downplayed his victories. We air part of his victory speech. More + Transcript

Why Hillary loses
Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
The real story here is not that Bernie is winning. It is why Hillary Clinton will keep losing. Ask longtime Republican insider Roger Stone, who has taken the side of maniac (maverick) billionaire rabble-rouser DJ Trump. The dirt they have on lawyer, war criminal, hawk, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is amazing: See video above, and there are plenty more. Why is Hillary unfit for office?
  • Butch lesbian cheating on Bill Clinton compromised national security during relationship with super "personal" assistant Huma Abedin.
  • Arkansas drug dealer was protected by Gov. Clinton, who had state police turn a blind eye. But when he was arrested he hired two lawyers, Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster (later murdered). They could not win the case against him so instead had husband Bill pardon him.
  • Larry Nichols exposes the Clintons
  • Rather than a feminist, she has repeatedly attacked females who come forward accusing her husband of affairs. She attacks and bullies them into keeping silent.
  • And there's much more including accusations of child molestation, which on the face of it sounds outrageous but is in line with the behavior of the power elite. And the Clintons are that.
  • The Clinton Foundation, while masquerading as a "charity," serves as a slush fund for the Clinton's lavish lifestyle. This can be exposed by Trump, who as a donor of $100K can ask for an investigation.

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