Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Police kill again: 217 "lynchings" this year; Seth Auberon, Pat Macpherson, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly

Police use provocateurs .
Police killed 346 black people in 2015. But who's counting? No known official records are kept, when the FBI should have a special category, but police don't want that.

The British press keeps count. recently reported 193 black civilian killings this year.

What this the underlying motive of American police, fear/hate, cowardice, racism, a culture that promotes a renewal of "lynchings," a Christian-American terrorist tactic to strike fear in the heart of all blacks and people of color?

"STOP KILLING US!!" the sign reads.
Today reports are surfacing of El Cajon Police killing yet another innocent, unarmed black man. There is even less excuse for it because it was in response to a mental illness (Code 5150) emergency call that went ignored for 50 minutes. 

Three emergency calls were placed, and still no appropriate psychiatric squad was sent out on the called. Police surrounded the victim, gave conflicting orders, Tazed him (or used a stun gun) and shot him simultaneously when his arms allegedly moved, presumably from the high voltage. He was murdered with his arms up, as eyewitnesses report. And multiple phones filming the scene were illegally confiscated, witnesses report. 

But already a biased Police Chief Jeff Davis went to pains to justify the killing and defend the killer, providing only a single, ambiguous, unclear photo to sway public opinion. Those wish to believe police without having to think about it were given grist to do so; those with doubts are left with doubts and the testimony of disinterested third parties, the eyewitnesses, not the police who are sent in to police themselves and -- as is to be expected -- exonerate themselves. Demonstrations can be expected to continue and grow.

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