Friday, September 30, 2016

U.S. Marine tells all: The Life on MARS (video)

U.S. Marine Captain Randy Cramer (, Mars Division via Richard Bruce (video); Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Snow and groves of massive trees on Mars (Randy Cramer/
Marine Randy Cramer was stationed on Mars for 17 Years
Reptilian overlords, temple on Earth, Mexico
(RB, Feb. 17, 2016) In this amazing live presentation, former Mars Division U.S. Marine Randy Cramer tells about ongoing wars and earthling deals with aliens on Mars.

In an unbelievable account, Cramer speaks of reptilians (nagas, dragons, reptoids) and insectoid mantis aliens. Although their limbs are blown off, they have the technology to grow them back.

Reverse speech analysis of Cramer reveals him to be honest and sincere. And he points out that it is illegal to claim military service and rank, as he repeatedly does, without it being true, so he could be charged if what he is saying were not true.

There are more interviews with him on YouTube and he recently went national on Coast to Coast. This is the most amazing revelation since Arizona Wilder, which leads to the question, Why on earth are they keeping the truth from us? Why is this secret?! Is it because we are food for aliens?

They have breeding colonies for human-slaves that aliens purchased from our government in exchange for advanced technology. As a result, we have bases all over the galaxy. This is where the 2.8 trillion dollars missing from the American Government Accounting Office (U.S. GAO) last year really went.

Can we stand for this? As we elect another single party candidate from the duopoly for president, that person promises to disclose government secrets to the public. Andrew D. Basiago from the Pegasus Project, an independent 2016 candidate for president and government whistleblower, is running on a platform of disclosure.

Whistleblower Alex said it years ago: Stop lying to us, governments of the world. We (orphans, street urchins, kidnap victims, runaways, etc.) refuse to be made food for aliens. More:
  • Martian war, forests, weather, humanoid life forms: NASA has admitted that there is running water on Mars. As these images above show, there are forests on Mars as well, which indicates not only running water but rain. Rain means weather, and forests mean supportive life forms like microbes and more. Cramer is an eyewitness who lived for 17 years on Mars and for a short time on the Moon, which is fully populated by various species from around the solar system and galaxy. There is internecine war as earthling-humans in the Naval Space Command battle Martian-humanoid of various types as American troops constantly battle Afghan militants in Central Asia or what they call "Indian Country" a racist reference to the conquest of the U.S. from Native Americans by intrusion and murder or war for territory. Is it true? We have only the words of whistleblowers/firsthand eyewitnesses and photographs provided by NASA. Others have reported that the origin of Chinese and their appearance on this planet, living in a walled empire protected from "barbarians," came about when they arrived from Mars roughly 5,000 years ago. Modern Japanese mysteriously arrived from somewhere with a sophisticated culture and technology that displaced the Native Japanese, the mysterious white non-Caucasian Ainu peoples, who have been genetically tied to the few truly indigenous people on the planet, the aboriginals still surviving in small pockets around the planet.

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