Thursday, September 1, 2016

Bored at "Burning Man" (music festival)

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly; Take Two Show (, Aug. 31, 2016)
Ooh, people were topless, some bottomless. And they marched (
Are we having fun yet, again?
It's get old over time. It's played out. What was once an ecstatic experience settles down and comes to seem normal. What was once transgressive is now NORML. What was once exciting is now, *yawn* Is that all there is? Is THAT all there is?!

(Cristina Monet/KioBlaze) This classic song is reworked for a grittier, circa 1980.

Smile. Life is not a dress rehearsal.
After 15 years of attendance, a Take Two correspondent out on the Playa of Black Rock Desert reports back that nudity and partying are not all they're cracked up to be, even when you meet your husband there and return every year chasing the (flaming) dragon.

The annual event jumped the shark when "Malcolm in the Middle" went out and filmed a funny episode of what it's like, the closest most Americans will ever get to the hedonistic extravaganza.

(High on Life) What Happens at BURNING MAN? (DIY documentary)