Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Cultural Heritage of Buddhist Afghanistan

Cultural Heritage and Extractive Mining in Afghanistan: Towards Sustainability
Ben Bruges
Ben Bruges
UNESCO, funded by the World Bank Group through the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in cooperation with DAFA, is working to ensure the preservation of the rich Afghan [Buddhist] cultural heritage within the framework of upcoming developments in the mining extraction industry.

This video explores the Afghan authorities’ work at Mes Aynak ["Copper Well," possibly the world's largest unexcavated Buddhist archeological site] -- the world's second largest copper [gold and rare earth] deposit and a hugely important Buddhist archaeological site -- and UNESCO/DAFA’s new activities in Hajigak-Bamiyan, where the Afghan government has a better chance of completing heritage assessment and protection before extractive mining starts.

The video highlights the archeology and the outstanding natural beauty of the environment at Mes Aynak and Bamiyan [site of the world's oldest and largest Buddha statues and monasteries], and interviews with key figures in the protection of Afghanistan's rich cultural heritage and in the extractive mining industry, both crucial for the future of Afghanistan.

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