Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ancient technology we can't understand (video)

Ancient Secret Discoveries, June 5, 2017; Pat Macpherson (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly

This amazing video scrutinizes a variety of ancient technologies by looking at artifacts and explaining the capability these items imply. Where did these out of place artifacts (ooparts) come from?

Would members of any advanced civilization -- from, say, 10-15,000 years in the past -- have simply stayed in one area? Or would they have moved across the planet taking their technology with them?

Generally, we can suppose that the technology of highly advanced civilizations would tend to become widespread. It in turn follows that we would expect to find evidence of their technology all over. This video shows many artifacts from antiquity that challenge preconceptions about our predecessors’ technologies and level of scientific and spiritual knowledge. Let's begin with the ancient Sumer and the evidence for ancient astronauts.

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