Saturday, June 10, 2017

Falling in love with "Wonder Woman" (video)

The only way to fight WW I is with divine intervention via the Devi Diana (Wonder Woman)

The real origin story of the first big-time female superhero is a sordid tale of a polyamorous U.S. psychiatrist Dr. Marston and his bisexual female lovers, who helped him develop her.
Gal Gadot as live action Wonder Woman
The demigoddess Gal Gadot-Varsano, 32, the Brigitte Bardot (the beauty who committed to compassion for animals in the Buddhist capital of Bodh Gaya) of our day.

She is a superheroine and easy to love. Why?

The real Wonder? (S.T.)
She is the best of a modern female and is traditionally feminine as well, gaining one without losing the other.

We want females to be strong, smart, courageous, beautiful, tender, and compassionate. Gadot is it.

She's just a role model, something denied to the cartoon version of the character by the United Nations, an actor, a reader of scripted words in fantasy sequences. Maybe.

Or maybe she's a prototype for anyone wishing to embody the divine feminine. Either will do in this day of PR firm impression management and flimsy social media personas. When even our president is functionally illiterate, it's nice that Hollywood can find well educated Thespians with charisma, charm, and chops.

Is this Wonder Woman a feminist icon? If Latina Lynda Cordova Carter didn't make "Diana Prince" one in the campy 1970's television version, Gadot has done it with her fine action-movie acting.

Anyone interested in sexy Wonder Woman will like Sucker Punch.
What are the stars of 2011's Sucker Punch doing in 2017?

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