Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Herbs to activate and balance the chakras

Ryan Mandell; Amber Larson, Dhr. Seven, Ananda M., Wisdom Quarterly

I can see colors, subtle vibrations, auras
Albert Einstein once said, “Everything is vibration.” On the most fundamental level, everyone and everything else in this world-system (universe) is made of pure energetic vibrations.

In fact, about 99.999% of an atom is empty space. ["Form is emptiness, emptiness is form," as The Heart Sutra states]. The other .0001 % (electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks...) are probably also made up of empty space.
  • In Buddhist physics (as revealed in the Abhidharma, the "Higher Doctrine") the fundamental constituents of matter or materiality are rupa-kalapas, "fine-material particles-of-perception." These subatomic things blend into and emerge out of the immaterial (arupa) because kalapas refer to the characteristics of all material/physical phenomena.
This tiny computer screen can see all.
That means that everything we see -- the screen, the table, this body -- is made up of mostly empty space. The only thing that makes them tangible or "material" is their energetic frequencies.
This is basic high school science, but mystics have known it for millennia. Gas molecules vibrate at a higher frequency than liquids, and liquids vibrate faster (more frequently) than solids. Everything in the universe is vibrating. (If you concentrate, you can even hear the sound of the universe, the pranava, a very soothing, resonant hum or "om").

Think about the visual, the colors: They are simply different frequencies of visible light vibrating at different speeds. From slowest to fastest, these are the speeds/frequency of color vibrations:
  • red resonates at 405-480 THz
  • orange at 480- 510 THz
  • yellow at 510-530 THz
  • green at 530-580 THz
  • blue at 600-620THz
  • indigo at 620- 680 THz
  • violet at 680-790 THz.
The Buddha had a 6 ft. aura.
Everything has a unique vibratory code and energy. We should be aware of this before we start thinking that everything is real and solid and unchanging.

All tangible things are always changing (radically impermanent), but mostly we don't notice. We quickly/reflexively start thinking things can be satisfy and fulfill us. They are constantly changing, so they inevitably disappoint the person who clings to them. Let go. They are not what they seem.
Everything has a unique vibratory code and energy. This is particularly the case when it comes to food we put in our bodies. "We are what we eat." What else could we be? We are what we habitually think, too. "You are what you think."

What will finally activate the DNA? DMT?
We might want to watch what we're putting in between our ears, in through our six senses. Yes, six. There are the regular five senses, and mind is a sensory organ making contact with ideas and impressions, emanations and notions.

For health it’s important that, whenever possible, we eat organic. Why? Pesticides are toxic killers with a low frequency vibration; they are compounded and put on food to kill sentient life. That is their express purpose. Ask Monsanto, Inc. Pesticides, on a vibratory and physical level, lead to disease by creating oxidizing "free radicals" in the body with numerous harmful effects.
The ancient Vedic texts and later Yoga Sutras as well as Buddhist teachings speak to these quantum concepts. In fact, all Vedic (later adopted by Hinduism) and Buddhist philosophy seeks to uproot delusion/wrong view (avidya), the illusion (maya, moha) of a separate "self" or "ego" apart from its constituents.

These philosophies seek to move awareness from a place of separation or duality to an “us," a "unity." Subject and object merge. Consciousness expands to cosmic proportions. Successful meditation (absorption) adds up to right concentration, coherence, or collectedness of mind, samma-samadhi.

The chakras, including the third eye or ajna chakra, know this. Lots of purified water, preferably distilled, and these herbs can help:
  • tulsi (holy basil)
  • turmeric (curcumin)
  • ashwaganda
  • green tea
  • mild chili powder
  • goji berry
  • amla
  • bacopa
  • sage
  • reishi mushroom
  • cardamon
  • rosemary
  • pine needles
  • syrian rue...
The secret is to discover the characteristics of each of the seven main chakras (wheels, energy nexus points) and, knowing the properties of herbs, what they exacerbate and calm, one can bring the former into balance with the help of the latter.

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