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Ancient pyramid cities, USA (video)

JeffTheWatchman; David Vose; Xochitl, S. Auberon, P. Macpherson, (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

(JeffTheWatchman, March 1, 2012) Pyramids and hieroglyphics in America B.C. Secrets not taught in Public School, Part 3

Ancient US pyramid city greater than Egypt
There are many pyramid styles in America
The ancient Native American "Pyramid City" of Cahokia, named by modern people in the U.S., exists in the Midwest in the state of Illinois.
Another city stands today along the Mississippi River that is not Cahokia. It is a real city that existed in America before Europeans invaded and occupied the land.

It's odd that no one was told as if no one cared about ancient Mormon (Latter Day Saints) legend and heritage. That city is Manti, the chief city of the Land of Manti. It is situated near the headwaters of the Sidon, which is the modern-day Missouri River, where it intersects with the Mississippi.
Amalickiah (as imagined by Josh Cotton)
It was the most southerly city of importance in the region. Being an outlying settlement of the Nephites, it suffered greatly from Lamanite invasions even though it was strongly fortified.

In the great war inaugurated by Amalickiah, it was captured by the Lamanites (some time before 66 BCE), and converted by them into an important base of operations against the Nephites, east and west.

Indigenous Peoples' History
In 63 BCE two Nephite generals, Gid and Teomner, recaptured it by stratagem. And Helaman took his Ammonite and other troops there and made it his headquarters. 
  • The Book of Alma the Son of Alma, Chapter 58: Helaman, Gid, and Teomner take the city of Manti by a stratagem—The Lamanites withdraw—The sons of the people of Ammon are preserved as they stand fast in defense of their liberty and faith. About 63-62 B.C.
It was not captured again by the Lamanites during that long and disastrous war. In later Lamanite invasions it undoubtedly fell more than once into their hands as it was in the direct line of the course they generally took when entering Nephite territory.

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