Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Monsters, "hidden people" of Iceland (video)

Song of the Sang Real; Amber Larson, Dhr. Seven, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly
Elves, Ghosts (spirits of the departed), Sea Monsters, Extraterrestrials (fairies, devas, the hidden folk or huldufolk) in Iceland: Investigation into the Invisible World
Our "mythologies" are real, more real than our ordinary corporate state nonsense. But we have been taught the opposite. Only the state is real; everything else is a big fairytale.

There are unknown lands (terra incognita) on earth right next to known lands -- lands, that is, we are told about.

Buddhist "fairies" are devas.
And in these lands, to this day, there are "giants" and others, ogres, hidden people (huldufolk), unseen beings, spirits, shapeshifters.

They need not be scary. They walk around us. It is nothing new. Poets, seers, literary folk have been writing about them for millennia. What a shock that they were talking about something real, which we had been convinced was just "childish" nonsense to outgrow.

Shapeshifting in "The Frog Princess (Tsarevna)" by Viktor Vasnetsov  (1848-1926)
Fairies (bhumi-devas) and ogres are real? (Beauty and the Beast by Anne Anderson)
My ears? What about them? We have remained hidden for good reason. Children see us.
Engraving showing a man jumping after a woman (elf) into a precipice. It is an illustration to the Icelandic legend of Hildur, the Queen of the Elves (George Pearson/Icelandic Legends: Collected by Jón Arnason: Translated by George E. J. Powell and Eiríkur Magnússon, Richard Bentley, London, 1864. This illustration faces p.88).

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