Friday, December 22, 2017

Earth? Vedic cosmology and Mt. Meru (video)

Dorje Daka (Feb. 2, 2017); Dhr. Seven, Seth Auberon, Pat Macpherson (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Mount Sumeru is in the center of our "island" (dvipa, world) in Vedic and Buddhist cosmology.
For thousands of years before the heliocentric, spinning ball earth was conceived, Vedic wisdom from the world's most ancient (pre-Indian Indus Valley Civilization) texts purported a geocentric flat earth cosmology in which the immaterial, internal worlds of consciousness are given equal consideration and credited with the creation of the external, material world itself (Dorje Daka). Could our earth be flat? Research:
  • 1. Horizon always rises to eye level.
    2. Water always finds its level.

    3. Gyroscopes always remain level throughout worldwide airplane flight travel.

    4. The star Polaris never moves from its position despite earth's alleged  travel through space.

    5. There is no measurable curvature on the horizon.

    6. Terminator line on the moon during the day often does not coincide with sun's directional light.

    7. Gravity is explained by simple buoyancy and density of objects.

    8. There is no independent photographic evidence of satellites.

    9. There are very questionable flight paths in the southern hemisphere that make no sense but make perfect sense on a flat earth.

    10. The Antarctic Treaty forbids freedom of movement to and in the Antarctic, the only place on earth no one owns.

    11. The Van Allen Radiation Belt makes ordinary space travel impossible utilizing current publicly disclosed technology and materials.

    12. Water bubbles are frequently seen on NASA's alleged International Space Station (ISS) live video footage because they are actually filmed in swimming pool to simulate zero gravity and use green screen Hollywood technology for the background.

    13. The U.S. moon landing shown on TV was faked.

    14. The sun and globe earth model has many contradictions.
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