Friday, December 22, 2017

"The Key": India, Ireland, Mesoamerica...

John Philip Cohane; Dhr. Seven, Pat Macpherson (eds.) Wisdom Quarterly

The Key: A Startling Enquiry into the Riddle of Man's Past
Avalokitesvara becomes Goddess Kwan Yin
In tracing the origins of Irish place-names, author John Philip Cohane stumbled on material that led to a theory of man's prehistory more daring than that proposed in Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki. 

They Key is the exciting record of the search that enabled him to follow the ancient migrations of a Semitic people to every corner of the earth.

Cohane's The Key is one of the most fascinating books this reviewer has read in a long while.

By using six key words, which appear in place names from Europe to the South Pacific, the author sets out to prove that the Semitic people traveled all over the face of the globe long before Columbus "discovered" the New World....

The idea seems fantastic, but coupled with the obvious similarities in place names in these and other widely scattered parts of the world, it certainly provides food for thought....
Avalokitesvara deva
Mr. Cohane's work, although scholarly in content, is thoroughly entertaining and of interest to even the most casual reader."
-Cincinnati Post

Historians and linguists will be shocked at first by The Key. But a few will see that Mr. Cohane is pointing to something real lying beyond the limits of their former vision and awaiting their efforts to bring it into better focus and perspective.
-Dr. Frederick L. Santee, Kenyon College

A graduate of Yale University, Cohane had a successful career in advertising in New York until moving to Ireland to devote his time to writing and working on archeological digs with the Irish government. More

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