Wednesday, December 6, 2017

UCLA closes due to California FIRE (photos)

Associated Press (; Seth Auberon, Pfc. Sandoval (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Bel Air wildfire joins the siege across SoCal

Santa Ana winds seen from high above
LOS ANGELES, California - A wildfire erupted in Los Angeles' exclusive Bel Air [near UCLA, where the Reagans live] section today as yet another part of Southern California found itself under siege from an outbreak of wind-whipped blazes that have consumed multimillion-dollar houses and tract homes alike.

[What does the city skyline and general region look like? There is a choking haze of particulate matter (10 microns or less) joining the usual smog and temporarily halted chemtrails. Getty Villa is affected. UCLA has cancelled classes and gone on emergency power for its medical center. Here are some AP photos:]
Hundreds of homes across the L.A. metropolitan area and beyond were feared destroyed since Monday, but firefighters were only slowly managing to make their way into some of the hard-hit areas for an accurate count.
As many as five fires have closed highways, schools and museums, shut down production of TV series, and cast a hazardous haze over the region. About 200,000 people were under evacuation orders. No deaths and only a few injuries were reported.
From the beachside city of Ventura, where rows of homes were leveled, to the rugged foothills north of Los Angeles, where stable owners had to evacuate horses in trailers, to Bel Air, where the rich and famous have sweeping views of L.A. below, fierce Santa Ana winds sweeping in from the desert fanned the flames and fears....

"Conditions are going to change again tonight," Pimlott said. "They're going to be extreme tomorrow. We need to have everybody's heads up -- heads on a swivel -- and pay very close attention."

Before dawn Wednesday, flames exploded on the steep slopes of Sepulveda Pass [connecting the San Fernando Valley to the Skirball Center and UCLA], closing a section of heavily traveled Interstate 405 and destroying four homes in Bel Air, where houses range from $2 million to more than $30 million. More

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