Thursday, January 4, 2018

Energy worker Donna Eden Masterclass (video)

Donna Eden (Mindvalley); Dhr. Seven, Lisa Garr, Ananda M. (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

  • Learn simple techniques to tap into hidden reserves of life energy. With these simple techniques you’ll heal, restore, and revitalize yourself naturally.
  • Tool 1: Overcome an afternoon slump with an instant Energy Medicine technique. It takes less than 30 seconds, and you’ll instantly feel better EVERY time you do it.
  • Tool 2: Conquer stressful situations with two fun energetic shortcuts. Anyone can do this even if not a healer.
  • Tool 3: Choose the right food with just…energy. Learn this unusual energetic testing exercise that’ll show you what to eat and what to avoid.
  • Tool 4: Heal yourself using a simple kitchen utensil. It can’t get any simpler! It could be surprisingly hard to dismiss the power of energy medicine after watching this. And more…
Who's Donna Eden?
The Energy Worker of this Mindvalley masterclass is my teacher, She's a powerful empath, psychic, and healer. She has been around a long time. She can see energy and immediately moves to balance it. Experience her to believe it when thinking and seeing are not enough. More

3 simple steps to get most of masterclass
Mindvalley Academy Community1. DOWNLOAD WORKBOOK: The Masterclass Workbook is designed to help the brain retain information from the class but also to help get results. Download and print it before the class.
Mindvalley Academy Preparation2. ACCESS ON MINDVALLEY ACADEMY: For best learning experience, Mindvalley has put together a preparation course with a message from the author, additional videos, and a workbook. Access it with a Mindvalley Academy Account.
Mindvalley Academy Community
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