Monday, January 15, 2018

POEM: "Until I Come to Rest"

Poet Joseph Nicks Liberato edited by Dhr. Seven and Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly

with time left to labor
happily hammering away
at this amorphous mound
of long-unfinished work

until i come to rest i wonder how much of this
matters to anyone but me

some of the time left i wander
from highway to hilltop
from shadows to shore
just trying to take it all in

until i come to rest i wonder how so much
of it still escapes me

some of the time left i slumber
at least until my conscience intervenes
and drags me from my dreamlessness
back up to the day's unrest

until i come to rest i wonder why
i even sleep at all

some of the time left i sit here
on the edge of the night and bed
with the same old silence seeping through
the numbness of all this new improved noise

until i come to rest i wonder where it is
everyone's gotten off to...

Tales From the Otherground
Poetry by Joseph Nicks (
The 102 titles in Tales From the Otherground: 30 Years Tending the Wordrows of Elsewhen represent about 10% of the author's wordwork for the three decades spanning 1983-2013.

Some recurring themes are: working, studying, hoping, thinking, walking, remembering, doubting, more thinking, driving, regretting, resolving, thinking again, leaving, loneliness, returning, and thinking some more. If you appreciate antiquated language... More

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