Wednesday, January 24, 2018

UPDATE: Mike Catherwood fired from Dr. Drew

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The master of many voices with a Latin twist
UPDATE: Catherwood's not a quitter. A loser maybe, but not a quitter. After getting unceremoniously canned from Dr. Drew's Midday Live Show on -- mostly because they picked up an affiliate that didn't want a connection to vulgar Catherwood or perhaps just better ratings with *yawn* veteran Jewish co-host Lauren Sivan -- we can hear him back at his old station, (106.7 FM, Los Angeles) taking the place of canned loser Ralph Garman cracking wise and quite risque for Kevin, Allie, and Bean (The KAB Morning Program, aka K&B). He's not alone. He brings along LA's beloved Rudy Cisneros, Han Cholo, Yasiel Puig, and a catalogue of other voices like KISS frontman Gene Simmons and you-name-it-Mike-can-probably-do-it.

Show us the funny, Mike, cuz ain't no money.
The funny thing, and the justification for the "loser" name calling we lead with, is that Catherwood is almost certainly NOT getting paid by cheap Kevin, Bean, KROQ (old or new owners), just as he was not paid for his work on the uber-successful moneymaker Loveline, the station's long-running, safe harbor, sex talk show, which got picked up by MTV for a time). It makes us wonder if Catherwood -- a blended Irish-Mexican from neighboring Glendale -- was ever being paid for showing up at KABC (790 AM, L.A.) to support moneyman/workaholic Drew Pinsky M.D., a Pasadena resident and graduate of the prestigious Little Lord Fauntleroy's School for Albino Hemophiliacs. (We miss racist-sexist-rightwing sidekick Adam Corolla, extreme Jewish conservative Dennis Prager's partner, who originated this funny line).

Catch up with Master Catherwood of Swole Patrol, a luminary on Twitter (Feb. 12, 2018)
Any comment or clarification for the media, Mike? No, we didn't think so. Follow him on twitter. He's a father of one, daughter Magnolia. His wife Bianca is successful and beautiful, and he sings and is trying to do standup, so all of this voluntary labor is being parlayed into some Law of Attraction enterprise of the future, we're sure. Good luck, Mike, and keep up the good funny work. You're a better man than we, who would just curl up on the couch and mope.

Radio's a tough business even with mental illness in hyper-competitive Los Angeles.
It seemed odd when the nice woman spoke where normally Psycho Mike Dwight Catherwood is shooting off his rightwing, sexist, racist, I'm-trying-to-be-uber-PC-because-I'm-so-woke mouth.

It was a breath of fresh air. But after a few days -- and hearing Catherwood appearing in place of fired Ralph Garman on KROQ's morning zoo, "The Kevin & Bean Show featuring Allie," we got the picture: He's finally been canned from Dr. Drew's intelligent talk show on moderate-to-right radio station KABC 790 AM (no affiliation with ABC TV).

What has this dummkopf done now? What sexual harassment, phone stalking (sending filthy images to anyone with a number and no stomach for it), or sex crimes (like exposing himself) has he engaged in? The Garman Camp has kept the secret, leading us all to believe it was just a financial move.

But Catherwood is much less seasoned and much more suited to late night, "safe harbor," broadcasts than Garman or Drew. Something is afoot.

Drew surely needed a better host, and a female voice is always in order to balance out the excess testosterone roar and biased one-sidedness. We're not sure that we would have chosen Lauren Sivan (yawn), but it's a start. Now if Kev Dog and the Bean Man can hold on to Catherwood, he can bring back the abuse and risque elements missing ever since Garman got canned. Carry on, Mike. Why not bring "Loveline" back? It's got to be tough competing with 98.7 FM and the mighty Frosty Heidi & Frank on 95.5 FM.

  • Radio is a cruel place where many hosts complain about low pay, most except Mike Catherwood. He was sort of dingy but he was entertaining and it's sad to see someone you've become accustomed to get replaced without any explanation or fanfare.Avatar
  • I don't care for the way radio talent is replaced without any fanfare or explanation... it's like the person never existed. It's cruel to the personality as well as their fans. Nice job there KABC.
  • The person they should have gotten rid of is the stupid Jillian Bareberi. What a total idiot! She has zero knowledge regarding current events. She only knows what her Twitter feed tells her. Get her off the air.
  • • So Sivan parlayed all of her "me-too" nonsense into a job.
  • Mike Arebalo I'm deeply shocked that Mike is no longer on KABC. He always brings greatly needed humor to over-serious political radio. While I always like Lauren Sivan guest spotting, she doesn't bring an exciting dynamic to KABC like Mike did with Drew.Avatar
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mgl said...

Thank you for finally posting something about Mike Catherwood. Totally agree with comments! Mike Catherwood was terrific and livened the show. Laura is boring and interrupts all the time. Not a fan. Very disappointed in KABC. You can't even get through to a voice there to complain or question the decision.

Unknown said...

Laurn sucks!! Mike added so much more to Drew's boring calm personality. KABC sucks ass!

Anonymous said...

Can we get an update as to what happened to Mike to get him booted off the Kevin & Bean show?