Friday, February 8, 2019

New Buddhist meditation center opens in L.A.

Ananda M. (Dharma Meditation Initiative), Dhr. Seven, Sayalay (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Most charitable young monk in all of Burma with centers worldwide (San Gabriel Valley)
Free Pali language classes at the center.
Everyone is welcome to join the opening ceremony day for the Thabarwa ("Nature") Meditation Center. Starts at 10:30 am with FREE lunch, 1:30 talk about the center, 5:00 pm Q&A and group sharing. This will include an open discussion with Sayadaw Ashin Ottamasara, founder of the center, concerning its future development. This center is intended to benefit Los Angeles and the entire world.

Doing limitless good deeds is the first step.
Come and suggest how its four local branches can be used for the good of all. The founder remains in town until Valentine's Day (Feb. 14), so take advantage of the opportunity to meet and ask him about anything that interests you -- life, the universe, anything (such as meditation, magic, enlightenment, or why your son likes Fortnite so much). Pre-opening ceremonies begin Saturday, Feb. 9th at 2:30 pm with the consecration of the sima. Details

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