Thursday, February 7, 2019

Most Beautiful Women in the World (photos)

Time dump (; CC Liu, Crystal Q., Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
PHOTOS: "Barbie" has been remaking herself for 57 years (

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The GQ, Buzznet, and Gala rankings are in for 2017. Some new names, some regulars on the red carpet, women well known by the American and less known by the European public, of all origins are in the spotlight: Here are the most beautiful actresses and models recently ranked as the “most beautiful women in the world.” They were judged on their style, poise, success, desirability, intelligence, and strength. “Beauty” is many things.

I'm too fat to be pretty. Look, an inch!
Talented singers, headlining actresses, svelte models, and new gals who created a buzz on social media -- they are sublime, seductive, sexy, and comely. Have a good look to discover the most beautiful. Let's start with Amber Heard (a kind of real-life lesbian Barbie doll, pictured above), the sublime model with perfect symmetry and an awesome physique, who also has undeniable acting chops, as in the films Zombieland and Hell Driver. She was involved in quite a scandal when she divorced Johnny Depp, whom she accused of domestic violence, and then when she took up with Elon Musk.... More

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