Wednesday, January 12, 2022

LA Mushroom Club (LAMS) meeting (1/17)

Rick Collier (LA Mycological Society); Ananda (Dharma Meditation) (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly

DETAILS: This online meeting is live streamed on YouTube. The link is available to those who RSVP (free). 

SPEAKER: Leah Bendlin

PROGRAM: "An Introduction to Slime Molds" If we walk through the woods, crouch down, and really inspect the forest understory, we can start to see the myriad layers of tiny life all around us.

Slime molds are some of the beautiful organisms we may be delighted to encounter. They are omnipresent, though most often unobserved. These single celled beings are not fungi but were once classified together and often mistaken for fungi.

In this presentation, we learn what slime molds are, where to look for them, and learn about their life cycle, including their many forms and transformations.

Talk covers identification, how to recognize some commonly encountered species, and discuss their surprising abilities to remember, learn, and teach!

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