Tuesday, January 11, 2022

In the Beginning There Was Light: Fasting

Fasting purifies the body (allowing it to self-cleanse), steadies the mind, brings contentment.

Snippet from In the Beginning There Was Light - Yogi Prahlad Jani
(lightdocumentary.com, 11/3/13) Is it possible that human beings can survive without food and fluid for many years, living instead on light alone?

MOVIE: lightdocumentary.com
Is it quackery or forgotten knowledge? In the Beginning There Was Light follows the phenomenon that only a few in the Western world are aware of. The topic has been ignored or ridiculed by the media.

This documentary deals with human beings who allegedly survive without food or fluid for weeks, years, and even decades.

Most people will spontaneously say that this just cannot be. It's impossible!

But based on certified reports of personal experiences, interviews, and scientifically-documented laboratory experiments, the film follows the phenomenon of "living on light" or "breatharianism" (aka inedia).

As incredible as it may sound, there seems to be evidence that there are people living today -- and some existing thousands of years back, too -- who do not need food either to live or to sustain their metabolism.

They live on "light" alone. Depending on the tradition this light may be called prana, chi, spiritus, or orgone.

As modern people we may experience this phenomenon as an incredible attack on our Western, scientifically-oriented concept of the world.
Hence this film starts on a fascinating and intriguing journey around the globe and includes not only the latest explanatory models taken from quantum physics but touches on the knowledge from eastern spiritual tradition as well.

It is not the film's intention to advocate that one should stop eating, but it does trigger food for thought and it aspires to challenge the prevailing mechanistic-materialistic philosophy dominating our society today, to open up other perspectives and enhance new ways of thinking and living.

Or does the saying "What cannot be shall not be" still prevail?

"I watched it and I loved it...This film is an epic exercise in expanding our worldview without losing our discernment."
- Foster Gamble (Thrive)

"A brilliant pioneering study of a fascinating phenomenon."
- Prof. Rupert Sheldrake, biologist (Morphic Fields), University of Cambridge

"A well made and wonderful balanced documentary. I like"
- Prof. Amit Goswami, quantum physicist, University of Oregon

"Light is a pioneering and provocative film on the controversial claims of 'breatharians.' Recommended for anyone interested in the far reaches of human potential, this film will inspire some, perplex others, and infuriate the rest — but you will not be bored."
- Dean Radin, chief scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)

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