Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Who's sexier, liberal AOC or cougar Sarah Palin?

Gerrard Kaonga, MSN, 1/11/22; Crystal Q., Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Sarah Palin drapes herself in American flag to prove what a patriot she is (eBay fridge magnet)
Sarah Palin calls AOC's words "creepy" and says liberals are obsessed with sex
Rep. AOC (NY 14th congressional district) speaks during event at US Climate Action Centre during COP26 on 11/9/21 and haggard Sarah Palin (Michael Schwartz and Ian Forsyth/Getty Images).
Sexualization of Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin - sociological images (thesocietypages.org)
Democrat cub AOC is very sexy.
Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin dubbed Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) "creepy" for her recent comments aimed at Republicans.

While speaking to Rachel Campos-Duffy on Fox News Primetime show on Monday, Palin argued AOC appeared to have an obsession with sex.

Lady o' the Night/cougar Sarah Palin
Stay at home mother Palin was asked what would have happened if she responded to political rivals criticizing her by claiming they were sexually frustrated.

Palin said: "Isn't that something? That is pretty creepy, junior high-ish.

"It amazes me though, [AOC] and other liberals, socialists even, their ability to deflect from what the issues truly are.
Conservative Republican Christian gun nut Sarah Palin
"Here her obsession, at least her suggestion, always gender and sex, I truly believe there are enough Americans who get it and understand what her tactic is. That is to deflect from what the real issues are.

"Okay, take this issue with her suggestion of dating and attraction to someone and blaming her failures on that, that obsession with sex.

"Look how the liberals want to pound that into the public's head, advertising who is attracted to who[m], what people do in the privacy of their own bedroom, all the things that have to do with privacy and sex.

AOC sexy dance video spurs false media claims of conservative outrage (Fox News)
We want VP Sarah "Caribou Barbie" Palin to co-rule us with Old Man McCain! (Society Pages)
Maxim magazine cover of sexy Christian Sarah Palin photo (Amazon fridge magnet)
Sexist: "Sarah Palin, Hot or Not?"
The liberals, not the conservatives, are the ones who pound, pound, pound
after that.

"Obviously it is a tactic so that she [AOC] doesn't have to be held accountable. It sounds like she hasn't been held accountable for much maybe her entire life.

[All things being equal, it seems AOC is much sexier, and her liberal attitude toward sex makes her seem nicer. Palin's repressed attitude toward all things sex, other than her "attention-wh*ring," makes her seem like an aggressive cougar and foolish simpleton who presaged Trump's populism.] More

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