Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tom Cruise was Japanese in Past Life

During one program, Japan's future first lady Miyuki Hatoyama claimed she became friends with Hollywood actor Tom Cruise [the famous Scientologist, also thought by many to be more alien than human, who married Geisha Katie Holmes, and inexplicably named their daughter Suki] after meeting him in a previous incarnation.


"He was Japanese in his past life, and we were together so when I see him, I will say, 'Hi. It's been a long time,' and he will immediately understand," 66-year-old Miyuki explained.

Her husband, future Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, the grandson of a former prime minister, is expected to be confirmed as the country's next leader on September 16, 2009. His Democratic Party of Japan toppled the Liberal Democratic Party in last week's vote, ending an unbroken stint of more than 50 years in power. Source