Sunday, February 13, 2011

“Bodhisattva, Superstar” (film)

A film about popular culture and Buddhism
There is an “allegorical documentary” about Western perceptions and misconceptions about Buddhism. The movie's website explains that the film, by multimedia artist Michael Trigilio, confronts American popular culture’s habit of addressing the subject of religion with alternating degrees of deluded piety or flippant scorn.

Popular culture’s treatment of Buddhism is often ensnared by the language of marketing, using Buddhist language or images to sell shampoos, candy bars, or self-help recipes. As one contemporary Buddhist author [punk Zen master Brad Warner] interviewed in the film suggests, many Americans expect Buddhism to be simply “a mash up of every Eastern philosophy they’ve ever heard of.”

"Bodhisattva, Superstar" sustains a documentary point-of-view by interviewing Buddhist “experts” -- authors, chaplains, monks, scholars. The film also... More>>

Punk rock meets Buddhism in exquisite bow
PARK CITY, Utah (Hollywood Reporter) - The idea of a Buddhist monk who is a punk rocker seems impossibly incongruous, and that's how his parishioners in a small Japanese town feel about it. But Jonen is no ordinary monk. He is a sensitive and troubled soul trying to silence the noise within. The film, recently featured at Sundance, is "Abraxas."

"Cowboys and Aliens" UFOs attack the Old West

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