Sunday, February 6, 2011

Harvard: The Vatican on UFOs (video)

(Full movie, iufoc) This clip is from Daniel Sheehan's last presentation at the International UFO Congress. He discuses his impressive Harvard background, including as official counsel for the Jesuit order, and the Vatican's recent discussion regarding extraterrestrial life. The lecture was described as: Daniel Sheehan Presents The Essential Philosophical, Theological and Political Questions.

In the question of whether intelligent life exists on other planets, the Jesuit Director of The Vatican Observatory made a declaration of, "very suitable questions deserving of serious consideration."

Daniel Sheehan discusses all aspects of the questions concerning the philosophical, theological, and political implications of the UFO phenomenon that exist within the UFO research community and go beyond the resolved factual question of whether or not intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations exist and whether or not some of the UFO incidents reported constitute direct contact between members of the human species and members of an extraterrestrial species. More>>

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