Thursday, February 10, 2011

Roswell crash yielded UFO technology (video)

    (Joeching) Lt. Col. Phillip Corso claims he reversed-engineered technology from the Roswell UFO crash. The craft may have been shot down since it was not the only crash in the area and the military was immediately aware of it, recovering the craft and bodies, at least one of which was alive. The reason Roswell entered into the popular imagination was that the military did not deny it at first.

    UK Nat'l Archive releases more documented encounters.

    The newspapers openly reported on the incident with cooperation from officials. Soon the military went into full denial understanding the military and industrial (corporate) advantage the technology gave the U.S. government. England has since released documents confirming the existence of UFO investigations.

    (UFOevidence101) On Sept. 27, 2010 Cable News Network (CNN) aired footage as retired military came forward with firsthand accounts of UFO sightings at nuclear weapons facilities, a national press conference. Retired military witnesses are speaking out about UFO phenomena they have encountered while on active duty. Several new facilities encountered disc and cigar shaped craft that disabled nuclear weapons at the facilities. More>>

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