Friday, February 18, 2011

How Extraterrestrials Communicate (video)

Wisdom Quarterly

In a post yesterday, an unidentified spacecraft appeared over Toronto. It hovered two hours in an inexplicable display of geometric shape and color changes presumably accompanied by tones (the woo customarily associated with flying saucers).

It is often asked, "If there are intelligent extraterrestrials, why don't they just come down and announce themselves?" Was this what was happening?

Stewart Swerdlow points out that in his US-backed government research, he discovered that extraterrestrials do not use language per se to communicate. They use this "hyperspace" triad:

  1. color (frequency)
  2. tone (sound)
  3. archetype (geometric shape emanating from the mind-pattern and DNA)

A massive object appeared over a major western city and communicated as loudly and clearly as it could. This was not in the middle of the night in a rural area.

It was, instead, over a densely populated region during with morning traffic when it was still dark enough to make a spectacle. Such behavior has often been described as "dancing, " which of course is misleading. Many sense that such craft are attempting to communicate.

Part II: Stewart Swerdlow "Hyperspace 101"

The Buddha called referred to such extraterrestrial life forms as devas, which literally means "shining ones." They were prevalent in ancient India, Sumeria, and Egypt. And they figure in many Buddhist tales of much older times, for example in the Jataka Tales.

Their existence is dealt with in much more detail in the Vedas, for example in the Vimana Shastra, vi-man referring to a craft able to travel through the measureless sky. The Buddha further said that we are able to develop ourselves through the cultivation of virtue, meditation (mental-collectedness, concentration, and absorption), and ultimately wisdom (higher knowledges, abhijna, and liberating-insight) to master our minds and bodies visiting other worlds and understanding this world fully.

Moreover, he discouraged "worship" and supplication of these marvellous and advanced devas, instead encouraging that we cultivate the karma to be reborn as they are. The karma that leads to rebirth in the human world is the Five Precepts. Virtue beyond that (i.e., courses of action that fall within the vast categories of nongreed, nonhatred, and nondelusion), when it ripens, leads to rebirth in more welcome and exalted states here and beyond.

These are Buddhist teachings few acknowledge in our modern agnostic/atheistic materialism. For those who have always said, "I'll believe it when I see it," the simple message is this: Personal virtue is the doorway that leads to all that we find pleasant and welcome. And since karma is of three kinds -- physical, verbal, mental -- even holding wholesome thoughts is a wonderful thing.

IMAGES: Buddha Mind by Gailpiland/; Buddha Rockin by Robbie Nicholson Photography on Flickr; Prismatic Blight; human meditating is a still shot from the "How to Meditate" video.

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