Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt ejects Dictator, welcomes Military Gov't

US back Egyptian miltary fighter planes over the pyramids as protests grow (MSN)

The people's revolution in Egypt, a first in the Muslim world, has succeeded. The dictator has been ejected after constant protests.

The CIA -- embarrassed by its announcement yesterday that US backed, armed, and financed Dictator Hosni Mubarak would step aside for the leader of the secret police to take over -- strong armed behind the scenes and finally got its way.

This morning Mubarak announced to everyone's surprise after 18 days of largely peaceful protests (with more than 300 dead as a direct result) that he has stepped down. He has left Cairo with countless millions of dollars. But at least his Swiss bank accounts have, it is reported, been frozen.

Just as in Tunisia, which also had a largely symbolic changing of the guards and the freezing of embezzled assets, the people have exploded with intolerance. Since the military assassination of Anwar Sadat (former leader of Egypt) 32 years ago that saw the installation of Mubarak, the military's Higher Ruling Council has been handed back power.

It is unclear if CIA-backed Suleiman, in charge of the United States' "extraordinary rendition" program, will retain his new role as vice president or be promoted to dictator until a pretense of elections can be set up.

The future of the world is democracy-Western style: a few parties, no differences, and power vested behind the scenes. Indeed, the world is erupting, which has necessitated better white washing. It is "symbolic politics" at its finest. Pres. Obama is waiting to speak and take credit for facilitating the movement to a new Egyptian order.

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