Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Asteroids; Levels Above "Top Secret"

Asteroid's path sparks online interest

A disputed report of a 900-foot asteroid's threat to Earth prompts a search for answers. NASA's backup plan - First 3-D view of sun - "Low-cost" space launcher - Ancient lake to be probed

Hitler's baby photo, Flight 53 evidence, Bill Gates' personal items, unknown government agencies and their files... are all stored in an underground facility inside Iron Mountain in Pennsylvania. Komo 4 News got the story, giving viewers just a glimpse of why it is there and what is inside. D.U.M.B.s are "Deep Underground Military Bases." But this is a storage facility preparing for what is to come -- war, UFO landings, biological disaster, environmental degradation, and/or the implementation of population eradication plans. The few will survive with the genetic blueprint and files of the many.

(LINK) There are 38 levels above "TOP SECRET" in US secret-government

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