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Endless Free Energy (video)

Wisdom Quarterly (REVELATION)
This machine invented by Mr. Reidar Finsrud demonstrates the principle of perpetual motion. It is on view behind glass to prevent visitors from touching it. A steel ball (2.7" diameter, 20 lbs) is rolling on a horizontal aluminum track, 25" in diameter.*

The good news is that free energy exists! There is perpetual motion, cold fusion/fission, endless energy from time-space contractions, solar, and sources beyond our comprehension outside of the information loop.

As soon as we become linked in, it is apparently not difficult to understand. Many have stumbled upon various mechanisms and natural laws (at odds with respectable theories that insist on limits resulting from impeccable logic founded on false assumptions).

But when patents are applied for, that greed leads to trouble: The government, the shadow government, the Pentagon, and the military-industrial complex (that has at least three other arms: espionage, entertainment, and pharmaceutical) will simply not stand for anything that cuts into its profit source. Profit depends on the slow and regular release of finite fuels.

Although free energy is in secret use for the powering of some secret projects (extraterrestrial and subterranean bases and "weird science freakin' magic" machines too extraordinary to believe), they can neither be admitted to or put into popular use without the loss of trillions of dollars in potential profit from the current system. So enjoy the old world before it evaporates, or invest in highly profitable non-green technology before the information leaks without a patent.

  • *Three pendulums, about 45 inches long with tunable weights at the lower end, control three horse-shoe magnets the steel ball has to pass along the track. Embedded in the track is a (mechanical) controlling/timing mechanism. It looks like a steel wire bent into a triangular track, 5 inches long. The ball rolls over it and pushes the wire down through a slot in the track. This affects one of the pendulums and regulates its swinging motion. The steel ball has not stopped revolving for months (Alexioco).

But it Violates the Laws of my Physics!
Does a working "perpetual motion" machine violates the conservation of energy? In point of fact, more energy is not coming out than is going in. The machine is simply demonstrating greater efficiency by tapping free unseen energy that is all around it -- in this case momentum from planetary movement, magnets, pendulums, spring tension... Those wedded or invested in a more rudimentary vision of physics cannot see what is before their eyes because it is beyond their theoretical mental models of how the universe operates. Good thing the universe is not bound by our theories describing it.

The Search for ET Intelligent Technology
"We have confirmation... one of the senior most people in the SETI project, which is the Carl Sagan Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence effort, has confirmed to the Disclosure Project, this is one of the senior most people, that they have received multiple extraterrestrial signals... but that now they are getting external human, probably NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) or NSA jamming of those signals, and they are getting very frustrated. The question is why hasn't the SETI project, funded by Paul Allen, who's the co-founder of Microsoft, come forward with this information?" (Dr. Stephen M. Greer). The secret to contact, to bringing (honing) them in is a simple meditation, coherent intention, and properly intoned Sanskrit mantras as taught to the ancient Vedic seers (rishis). This made them more powerful and more important than the royals of the day.

If you are a scientist and all of this seems impossible, ponder these two cases. Do you know how Nikola Tesla (the greatest electrical engineer and inventor we know of) knew what he knew? He was asked, and he was glad to explain. No one apparently paid any attention. The information was downloaded to his consciousness, according to him, by extraterrestrials within our solar system. In a sense, he "channeled" it "psychically" it whole cloth (not piecemeal). Many sources mention this.

Tesla would visualize an invention in his mind with extreme precision, including all dimensions, before moving to the construction stage, a technique sometimes known as picture thinking. He typically did not make drawings by hand, instead just conceiving all ideas with his mind (Tesla: Man Out of Time, Margaret Cheney).

This is interesting because America's most famous psychic, Edgar Cayce, the "Sleeping Prophet," was also finally asked how he was able to diagnose illness and people's personal histories in a trance state. He mentioned the Akashic Records (akasha is a Vedic Sanskrit and Buddhist term for "space"), non-localized consciousness able to travel in a person's body from any distance, and healers working through him. He himself was not much involved other than serving as a willing conduit for the process. Perhaps these truths are harder to swallow than the fact that we currently have operating on this planet such free energy machines as described here. And they're being kept secret. Why? Power mostly, and personal fortunes of course.

Like Einstein, neither individual had a top-notch education. That is, neither was stuffed full of theories and limits about what is and is not possible. We all know we are too smart for our own good when all we have are letters, books, and words for having traded our innate genius for academic reputation and "respectability."

  • Team finds way to snatch free energy out of the air A group of chemists from the Univ. of Campinas in Brazil presented research at the 240th Nat'l Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston claiming they figured out how electricity is formed and released in the atmosphere. Based on Nikola Tesla's discoveries, the team said it imagines a device could be developed for extracting electrical charges from the atmosphere and using it for electricity.

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