Friday, November 9, 2012

American war criminal, CIA Chief "fired" today

Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)

Warlord, cheater, CIA Chief, disgraced 4-star US Army General Petraeus fired or told to "resign" before having to testify under oath about Benghazi response (
Medals for killing off the record (M-S)
Former head of the US War on Afghanistan in charge of surges (just as he had committed similar atrocities in our name in Iraq), Four Star General Petraeus (pronounced: "betray us") got caught up in an FBI investigation that revealed hundreds of inappropriate and improper messages between "Saint Petraeus" -- as he was known by many in the military, The Company (CIA), and West Point (his alma mater) where he was related by marriage to the man in charge there -- and his mistress. Every drone is a war crime. 
The Other Woman, Broadwell (Telegraph)
But Gen. Petraeus did more than target "high value assets" for murder (internationally illegal political assassinations) via distant screens, he also saw to it that the military-industrial complex (MIC) got everything it paid and wished for from its preplanned invasion of Afghanistan. Cheating on his wife of 37 years was not enough to cause him to quit, a mere lapse in virtue for a man in the business of killing, invading sovereign territory, and engaging in Psychological Operations (propaganda's new name, known in Newspeak as PsyOps).
The CIA helped destroy Bamiyan statues (CNN)
He was given the opportunity to do the honorable thing of resigning under duress since he had compromised American security, a crime Pfc. Bradley Manning is being put through the wringer for doing in the capacity of a legally-protected whistleblower, duty-bound to report the crimes he did. Now the newly re-elected President Obama has the opportunity to thank the MIC that arranged for his second term by letting them decide who will now make a better hawk than the disgraced general. What will happen to him? He is likely to sink into obscurity as the President of Princeton University.

Buddhist connection
Mes Aynak Mine, former Buddhist complex (CNN)
Moreover, what will this mean to the priceless Buddhist treasures in Mes Aynak, Logar Province, Afghanistan? There is hope that a change in plans might allow them to survive. Yet it seems more likely that the replacement will attempt to prove himself valuable to the MIC via more surges. This will impoverish Afghanistan further, making them desperate for income from China, and scare China further, which will make it more determined to extract copper and the much more valuable rare earth minerals used in the production of electronics, like the slave-manufactured iPhones in the enormous Foxconn plantation.

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