Friday, November 9, 2012

Witnessing my thoughts in meditation (video)

Seven and , Wisdom Quarterly
Dubious Buddha quote or a free translation of an actual sentiment (H. Kopp Delaney)
It's almost as if people have forgotten that the world ends this December. The Mayan Calendar's 2012, Gibson's real-life Apocalypto, a Rapture, some Revelation (unveiling), the Second Coming (of Quetzalcoatl)... Then what?
"There will be no coffins when you and I die, no consecrated ground, no sin to end all sins and angels with scorched wings -- and if the thought of it stings: Sorry, God, there's no coffins, just bloody jellies," Nick Blinko insists.

"You're trippin," they'll say. The breath goes in; the breath goes out. The baby gets in, water's dirty, pull the plug, Bye-bye, baby. Where was I? Breath goes in; breath goes out.... Why was I born, and where will I go next? Uptown? Downtown? Another town?
"No coffins, just bloody jellies. Glance at the nice town. See the war plan it owns. There'll be mass graves. So I want my death grant, 30 pounds, in advance. Buy now. Don't leave to chance. At least it's the final kill. No coffins, just bloody jellies."
Neither Buddhist, Hindu, nor Jain sacred texts say the world ends on any magical date like 12-21-12. Nor does shaman lore from anywhere around the world. Maybe only the West ends? The world is ALWAYS ending. Why are we holding our breath for a big kerrang?

Oh. Breathe in/breathe out, breathe in/breathe out... Who knows more, the Sayadaw or the Lama? Neither of them say, GAME OVER; no need to buy X-mas gifts this year. "No coffins, just bloody jellies. This their creation, to purify the planet, a new beginning, no it's not destruction!" Ah, Blinky's smart and prescient.

Sitting on top of the world, the Himalaya. All is still, all is quiet. We can concentrate.

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